Sunday, November 9, 2008


―I hear that a lot of people went wild with joy on the night of
 Obama victory in the US.
―Many people from coast to coast are posting videos of
 celebrations here and there to You Tube.
  This video takes a midnight celebration in NYC.
 It seems as if it was a revolution.
―Yes. The Star-Spangled Banner sounds like
 a song for the revolution.
 The US people must have had a lot of frustration
 toward the politics past a few years.
 I envy the US people a little who can explode with joy
 at the result of the election.
 It will turn to a big pressure for Mr.Obama though.
―We Japanese also have a lot of frustration toward
 the politics now.
 Without practicing our vote at the general election,
 this frustration will never end.
 To recover the faith for the government,
 the general election is the first thing to do.

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