Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shoso-in Treasures

On a warm beautiful autumn day
I would like to visit Exhibition
of Shoso-in Treasures
in Nara.
These treasures were brought to
Japan or made in Japan about
1300 years ago.
Every time I see these treasures
I feel the enormous energy of
the ancient Japanese to
absorb the far advanced
civilization of China and
the Western World at the time.
I imagine their effort and I feel as if I was encouraged by
the Japan of its younger days.
After looking at the exhibition I would like to go to
the Hokkedo which is located in the Todaiji Temple area.
In that hall sit several Buddha statures, and all of them are
highly worth looking at.
You can see the statues in the most tranquil atmosphere
of the hall.
If you like to see Buddha statures, I think Hokkedo is the first
place you should visit in Japan.

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