Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Exhibition Information

Exhibition of Sketch Tour around Paris
is now upcoming.

You will find the fruits of the Sketch Tour around Paris last October.
 * 12th Feb.(Thu)
    〜17th Feb.(Tue)
  <closed on Sunday>
  (on closing day 〜16:00)

 * Gallery Vita
  Kyobashi-Fuji Bld. B1F
  2-8-5 Kyobashi, Chuou-ku,
  Tokyo, TEL 03-3561-5050

Please come and see verious expressionsof Guohua and
other folks of the tour.

Sight map


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guohua's exhibition just opened

Cai Guohua's solo exhibition has just opened at Galerie Paris
in yokohama.
For the details please see this page.
Galerie Paris is located in the most beautiful and historic
area in Yokohama.
Guohua's art works are best fitted in this elegant atmosphere.
Also the sites of the now running Yokohama Triennale are
within walkable distance from the galerie.
Please come and enjoy Guohua's exhibition as well as have
a pleasant time in a beautiful autumn day of Yokohama.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guohua's exhibition is upcoming

  An exhibition piece  
Family, oil painting

  This piece also appears
  on the front page of
  "Gekkan Bijutsu"
  December issue.

Cai Guohua's solo exhibition will be held soon in Yokohama.
  *When Nov.17 (Mon) 〜 Nov.29 (Sat) 2008
      AM 11:00 〜 PM 6:00
      Open at PM 1:00 on Nov.17
      Close at PM 5:00 on Nov.29
      Closed on Sunday
  *Where Galerie Paris (Nihon-Oodori, Yokohama)
      ℡ 045-664-3917

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You can see many oil paintings, drawings, and so on
which are exhibited for the first time at this occasion.
Please enjoy the exhibition as well as Yokohama in its
most beautiful season.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


―I hear that a lot of people went wild with joy on the night of
 Obama victory in the US.
―Many people from coast to coast are posting videos of
 celebrations here and there to You Tube.
  This video takes a midnight celebration in NYC.
 It seems as if it was a revolution.
―Yes. The Star-Spangled Banner sounds like
 a song for the revolution.
 The US people must have had a lot of frustration
 toward the politics past a few years.
 I envy the US people a little who can explode with joy
 at the result of the election.
 It will turn to a big pressure for Mr.Obama though.
―We Japanese also have a lot of frustration toward
 the politics now.
 Without practicing our vote at the general election,
 this frustration will never end.
 To recover the faith for the government,
 the general election is the first thing to do.

Friday, November 7, 2008


By the traditional East Asian
calendars, today is the first
day of winter, called Ritto
in Japanese or Lidong
in Chinese.
Nandina fruits in my garden
have become red, which makes
me feel warm in winter season.
Nandina is one of the most popular plants in Japanese gardens because nandina's Japanese
name "Nanten" also means bad things(Nan) turn(ten) to good.
So the Japanese takes Nanten as a lucky tree.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shoso-in Treasures

On a warm beautiful autumn day
I would like to visit Exhibition
of Shoso-in Treasures
in Nara.
These treasures were brought to
Japan or made in Japan about
1300 years ago.
Every time I see these treasures
I feel the enormous energy of
the ancient Japanese to
absorb the far advanced
civilization of China and
the Western World at the time.
I imagine their effort and I feel as if I was encouraged by
the Japan of its younger days.
After looking at the exhibition I would like to go to
the Hokkedo which is located in the Todaiji Temple area.
In that hall sit several Buddha statures, and all of them are
highly worth looking at.
You can see the statues in the most tranquil atmosphere
of the hall.
If you like to see Buddha statures, I think Hokkedo is the first
place you should visit in Japan.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Millennium of Genji

―I found that the home of Google
 Japan is a bit strange today

 because of the image on the logo.
 I clicked it and the page turned to
 the search result of "The Tale of Genji".
―This year is the 1000th anniversary of the "Genji"
 and many celebratory events are scheduled this autumn.
―I wonder if the tale reflects the real life 1000 years ago.
 Their clothes and their houses are so extravagant.
 I feel even in 1000 years future we could not live in
 so luxurious. It seems a kind of fantasy.
―What is the most tremendous is that every man and
 woman in the tale exchange their feeling of love
 in so delicate way that if you don't have the knowledge
 of nature, history or poem, you can never understand
 what they are really talking about.
―It is very difficult for such kind of people like us
 who easily condemn one's dear like "Damn, you bitch!".