Saturday, November 1, 2008

Millennium of Genji

―I found that the home of Google
 Japan is a bit strange today

 because of the image on the logo.
 I clicked it and the page turned to
 the search result of "The Tale of Genji".
―This year is the 1000th anniversary of the "Genji"
 and many celebratory events are scheduled this autumn.
―I wonder if the tale reflects the real life 1000 years ago.
 Their clothes and their houses are so extravagant.
 I feel even in 1000 years future we could not live in
 so luxurious. It seems a kind of fantasy.
―What is the most tremendous is that every man and
 woman in the tale exchange their feeling of love
 in so delicate way that if you don't have the knowledge
 of nature, history or poem, you can never understand
 what they are really talking about.
―It is very difficult for such kind of people like us
 who easily condemn one's dear like "Damn, you bitch!".

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