Monday, October 20, 2008

Sketch Tour

-Guohua is leaving for Paris on "sketch tour" today.
-Is that so? His solo exhibition has just been finished.
What a busy man he is! But what is the "sketch tour"?
-That's is a tour planned by a coordinating company "Travel Plan".
Those who like to draw or paint go on a trip and sketch
around together.
Guohua will be a teacher of the followers during the trip.
-It sounds interesting. But isn't it half sightseeing?
-No kidding! I have once participated in a "sketch tour".
It was so hard. During the daytime we walked around
to find a best spot to draw.
Then we must keep sketching so intensely,
otherwise we would be severely commented by the teacher
in the evening session.
-Wow! How serious!
But like-minded persons gathering together on a same trip,
it must be a good experience for the participants.
Moreover Paris is in the best season now.
I hope they can complete a lot of fine works after all.

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