Saturday, October 18, 2008

Evening Shift

-I hope the Diet would be proceeded in the evening.
-On some weekday holidays I happen to see live broadcasts
of the Diet. It is much more interesting than I expected.
-Really? I've never seen the live of the Diets.
-When we watch TV news, the Diet proceedings would appear
probably within a minutes.
However when watch the live broadcasts, you can tell
which Diet member is how serious toward the issue.
I feel they are making more serious debates than expected.
-I have assumed that the Diet proceedings are
half ceremonies.
-Oh no. I believe it's us, the working people, that should
watch the Diet proceedings.
It'll make us think how our money should be used.
-That's why the evening shift of the Diet is preferable.
The Diet members usually say they are with ordinary people,
and if that's true, why don't they realize the evening shift?

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