Friday, October 24, 2008

Life of the Ant

-They say that Japan has enjoyed the longest economic expansion
cycle until recently, although we feel nothing real for the good economy.
-If you see the economy just by figures, it may be true.
Businesses in Japan suffered from the bursting of the bubble
economy in the '90s. They went crazy to increase their own
capital. Under such circumstances they have been only
interested in how to decrease their payroll.
Our wages has never rose and we have been afraid of layoffs.
Who spend money in such a situation?
-The elders and the pensioners have been also under
very severe situation.
The Japanese deposit interest rate has been near zero
for many years. They should cut their savings
for living expenses year by year.
In some terrible cases they were cheated by nasty traders
and lost all of their savings. It's more than just a pity.
-Thus the money which otherwise had been gotten by the ordinary
Japanese has turned to companies, financial firms and so on.
They have directly invested in overseas market or lent money
to investment funds, which have brought them a massive return.
-The money spilling out of our hands has been used
for parties of the grasshopper after all. Damn it!

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