Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Street Calligraphy

Last autumn I first visited Beijing, and there
I found an interesting performance on a sidewalk.
An old man having something like a broom in hand
were sweeping the road surface by that thing.
I wondered what he was doing. I came nearby and understood.
What he had was a big brush and a bucket full of water
was beside him.
He dipped the brush in water and wrote Kanji-characters
on the road.
The performance can be called street calligraphy.
The characters were so beautifully written that I missed
all of them should completely dry up in ten minutes or so.
I have found an image of street calligraphy on a blog site,
so please have a look.
After that I came across quite a lot of people who performed
street calligraphy as well on a sidewalk or in a park.
They all seemed very pleasant and around them gathered
many viewers that criticized the calligraphy by various view points.
It left me a deep impression that China is really a state
of calligraphy.

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