Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Uncle Sam

-I suppose the present credit crisis has some good effect
to the world.
-Nonsense! It's so bad!
-After 911 the US tends to make too much of themselves.
They have tried to get through by themselves and
would not have their ears open for a different idea
or response of the other countries.
-That's maybe true.
-The crisis this time is more or less the result
that the US has made their own way.
However it becomes clear that the US has not been able to
cope with the crisis alone, but to effectively handle the crisis
international cooperation is crucially important.
-I understand.
-I dare say that this is not the only problem for the US.
I hope this time crisis will become the trigger
for the world to realize that to solve the global problems
there is no other way than the international cooperation
after all.

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