Sunday, October 26, 2008

To Shuffle

-Recently, I like to shuffle tunes of my iPod and listen to them.
It's so nice. Sometimes I come across a tune being
completely out of my memory.
While I listen to that tune, I remember those old days
past with the tune or find a new charm within the old tune.
-It's OK to shuffle tunes of iPod.
But it's terrible to shuffle IOU.
-What do you mean by "shuffle IOU"?
-I'm talking about assets of subprime.
That assets have been shuffled into normal assets
and made up to be elaborately packaged debt securities.
The financial elites have boasted that the scheme was
the ultimate risk diversification.
But it has turned out to be the ultimate risk proliferation.
-The financial elites should have invented the scheme
while listening to the shuffled tunes.

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