Friday, October 17, 2008

Matsutake (Pine Mushroom)

-This is the best season for Matsutake.
I really miss Matsutake!
-I bet you that we can never reach Japanese Matsutake.
It's too expensive and only few appear on the market.
-Digging sweet potatoes, picking Matsutake,
admiring the colorful autumn leaves,
the old-time Japanese enjoyed autumn season
with such relaxations.
Why has only Matsutake been disappeared?
-Matsutake grows only in Japanese Red Pine tree forest,
but recently the forest has been left uncared.
The pine trees are out of use now and
Matsutake cannot be cultivated.
-After all we leave our own land getting rough,
and on the other hand rely on the imports.
It's a kind of typical Japanese problem.

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